Pregnancy Resources

Patient Experience

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video takes a look at the personal experience of one woman’s pregnancy, told from her perspective and enriched by interview commentary from her interprofessional care team.

One Mother’s Story of Teen Pregnancy in Nicaragua

This podcast (without transcript) looks at pregnancy through the first person view of one Nicaraguan teen.

Teenage Motherhood in Latin America

This slideshow features compelling photographs and stories of pregnant teens in Latin America.

Biomedical Connections

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, the first of the following two videos examines the biology behind the beginning stages of pregnancy, including diagnostic and screening tests.

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this second video segment covers the final stages of a healthy pregnancy, including labor and delivery.

Associations of Pre-Pregnancy BMI and Gestational Weight Gain with Pregnancy

This scholarly article examines the relationship between obesity and risk during pregnancy through the comparison of pre-pregnancy and gestational BMIs.

Conception to Birth Visualized

Mathematician and image maker Alexander Tsiarias shares a powerful medical visualization, showing human development from conception to birth and beyond.

Depression During Pregnancy is a Double-Edged Sword

This podcast (without transcript) discusses complications involved with women who are depressed during pregnancy.

The Weird Ways Science is Trying to Improve Fertility

This news article details current trends in fertility research from IVF to companies working on a set of more experimental approaches that attempt to improve an embryo’s odds by hacking reproductive biology itself.

TED Talk: What We Learn Before We’re Born

This video features a science writer discussing new research that shows how much we learn in the womb — from the lilt of our native language to our soon-to-be-favorite foods.

Socioeconomic Factors & History (Timeline) of Disease

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video examines the history and socioeconomic factors related to pregnancy throughout the ages through to our present day.

A Timeline of Pregnancy Testing

This news article examines technological and medical advancements in detecting pregnancy from antiquity to the present day.

Get Me Out: Making Babies Through the Ages

This podcast (without transcript) features an interview with a doctor and medical journalist on the practices and risks of childbirth throughout time.

How Max Levchin’s Glow App got 25,000 Women Pregnant

This news article discusses a new app that tracks women’s cycles and chances for conceiving and aims to provide more research and awareness around women’s reproductive health.

Baby M and the Question of Surrogacy

This video (without transcript) chronicles the “Baby M” trial and explores the issues around appointing custody in the first national surrogacy case.

What a Small Town’s Teen Pregnancy Turnaround Can Teach the US

Denmark, SC once had one of the state’s highest teen pregnancy rates, but in the past 30 years, sex education programs have helped lower that rate to one of the state’s lowest.

TED Talk: The Toxic Baby

This video features a presentation by a filmmaker and a scientist who teamed up to determine the effects pesticides in the environment have on a developing fetus.

Why Are So Many American Women Dying from Childbirth?

This news article discusses the recent increase in birth-related fatalities among pregnant women in the US.


Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video features interviews of all of the medical professional and their individual roles working together as part of a pregnancy interprofessional care team.

Fetal Consequences

This interview (without transcript) between an economist and an ob/gyn dives into statistics and opinions on what to do and what to avoid during pregnancy, with call-ins from women sharing their personal experiences.

Birthing Baby, All Together

This video features a public hospital participating in a delivery dress rehearsal and the focus on communication and precision among team members.