Obesity Resources

Patient Experience

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video features one family’s experience with childhood obesity and the lifestyle changes they are implementing under their care team’s suggestions to combat the disease.

The Weight of the Nation: Children in Crisis

This video examines the combination of adverse health effects and the dramatic increase in childhood obesity rates over the past three decades, leading to what may be the first generation of American children who will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

Biomedical Connections

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video explores the biology behind obesity: what it is, how it works in the body, and its associated risks and complications.

Dr. Robert Lustig on Sugar, Fat, and Obesity

This podcast (without transcript) interviews a doctor who presents strategies to readjust the key hormones that regulate hunger, reward, and stress, and suggests ways to improve the health of the next generation.

Young, Obese, and in Surgery

This news article examines the long-term effectiveness of weight-loss surgery, particularly stomach banding, in children.

The Weight of the Nation: Consequences

This video examines the scope of the obesity epidemic and explores the serious health consequences of being overweight or obese.

The Weight of the Nation: Choices

This video examines why, for all the remarkable high-tech tools available to medicine and for all the billions of dollars in drug research, there’s still no highly effective medication to prevent or reverse obesity.

Socioeconomic Perspective &
History (Timeline) of Disease

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video examines the multifactorial nature of childhood obesity and the ways our society and lifestyle have contributed to this epidemic.

A City Tries to Slim Down

This news article discusses the obesity epidemic in the city of Louisville, KY, including KFC lobbyists’ push for food stamps to be used in fast food chains.

The Great Cafeteria Takeover

This video follows a group of New Orleans kids as they make a difference in their community by transforming their school lunch menu with healthier options.

How Mexico is Fighting Obesity

This podcast (without transcript) takes a look at Mexico, one of the first countries to adopt a tax on sugary beverages, a ban on junk food advertisement during kids’ shows and movies, and a push towards healthier food in schools.

Obesity Study Tells Two Stories, Both Right

This news article examines the studies indicating a recent drop in the childhood obesity epidemic, and compares the rates of childhood obesity in recent years to previous decades.

The Weight of the Nation: Challenges

This video focuses on the disconnect between the way our bodies have adapted to deal with food scarcity throughout time and our modern world of inactivity and abundance.

Zoning for Health? The Year-Old Ban on New Fast-Food Restaurants in South LA

This research article reviews the empirical evidence for LA’s 2008 fast food ban and whether it is likely to target the primary levels of obesity.


Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video features several medical professionals within a multidisciplinary childhood obesity team, focusing on each role, what called them into the health professions, and what inspires them to treat this epidemic.

Childhood Obesity Rates Fall

This podcast (without transcript), featuring an interview with an NYU Professor of Nutrition, indicates that there is a drop in childhood obesity rates in recent years in children ages 2-5.

Soda Companies, Artificial Sweeteners, and the Fight Against Obesity

This podcast (with transcript) interviews several medical experts in their discussion of soda companies, artificial sweeteners, and other issues surrounding today’s obesity epidemic.

Why LA Fast Food Bans Did Nothing to Check Obesity

This news article discusses the research an economist conducted around LA’s fast food ban.