Nephrolithiasis Resources

Patient Experience

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video chronicles one man’s experience developing kidney stones, and how his diagnosis of nephrolithiaisis has affected his lifestyle since.

Experience Project: I Have Had Kidney Stones

This website features a collection of firsthand accounts of patient who have had kidney stones and their experiences with agonizing pain, treatment, and recovery.

Kidney Stones: Taylor’s Story

This patient story describes the experience of a young girl with kidney stones and her journey through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Biomedical Connections

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video examines the deeper science behind nephrolithiasis as well as the urinary and renal systems: what kidney stones are, how they are formed, and how they affect the bodily systems in which they are found.

How Do Your Kidneys Work?

This animation breaks down the structure and function of kidneys in the human body.

To Prevent Kidney Stones, Go Easy on Soda and Drink Lots of Water

This podcast and accompanying article features a doctor’s advice on hydrating to reduce the risk of developing kidney stones.

These Stones Pack a Punch to the Kidneys

This news article discusses what kidney stones are, how they behave in the body, treatment methods available, and risk factors associated with the disease.

Urinalysis: There’s Now an App for That

This news article reveals that there is a new biotech app for checking and monitoring commercially available urine tests.

Socioeconomic Perspective & History (Timeline) of Disease

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video takes a look at nephrolithiasis through the lenses of socioeconomic factors, such as enthnographic groups affected and the difficulties in obtaining care that they face, as well as the history of the disease: from ancient discoveries and treatment methodologies to present-day research and medical care.

The History of Urinary Stones: In Parallel with Civilization

This scholarly article examines the treatment methods and scientific discoveries related to kidney stones throughout the ages.

Kidney Stones Affecting More People, Earlier

This news article details the increasing pravalence of kidney stones among Americans today and examines the reasons for this trend.

A Rise in Kidney Stones is Seen in US Children

This article examines the recent trend in the development of kidney stones, once thought to be a middle aged disease, in young children.

Should Women Be Able to Treat Bladder Infections Themselves?

This article dicusses the option some doctors are posing of allowing women to select their own antibiotics for urinary tract infections to reduce time involved and risk of further, more serious heatlh issues.


Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video showcases the different medical professionals within a clinic as they treat renal and urinary diseases such as nephrolithiasis. Each professional describes what drew them to this particular field and any advice they have for students embarking upon an education in the health sciences.

Doctors Take Aim at Epidemic Kidney Stones with Lasers

This podcast (without transcript, has article) features interviews with medical experts as they discuss the latest methods in combating America’s kidney stone epidemic.

Why the Urologist is Usually a Man, but Maybe Not for Long

This news article features two females urologists discussing their historically male-dominated profession and the duties inherent within it.