Depression Resources

Patient Experience

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video examines the relationship between depression and Post Traumatic Distress Disorder (PTSD), what causes PTSD and how patients can experience it. 

Depression Quest

This interactive game provides an opportunity to experience depression firsthand.

Lincoln’s Great Depression

This news article provides a personal health narrative about former President Abraham Lincoln and his history of depression.

What People with Depression Want You to Know

This video (without transcript) contains statements made by people who suffer from clinical depression, challenging common stigmas surrounding the disease.

Biomedical Connections

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video explores the biology behind Depression: what it is, what the symptoms are, how it works in the body and the effects, and how depression can be treated.

For Depression, Prescribing Exercise Before Medication

This news article examines the efficacy of exercise as a first line of defense against clinical depression.

The Many Faces of Depression

This news article examines the different subtypes of depression from seasonal affective disorder to clinical to postpartum depression and their implications.

The Science of Depression

This video (without transcript) provides an overview of the disease: what it is, how it manifests in the body, and what it does to the brain.

To Treat Depression, Drugs or Therapy?

This news article examines the viewpoints of a number of doctors on the most effective treatment methods for clinical depression.

Socioeconomic Perspective

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video examines the multifactorial nature of Depression and who and how it affects our society financially and emotionally.

America’s Largest Mental Hospital is a Jail

This news article examines the prevalence of mental health disorders among the incarcerated population.

Working through Depression: Many Stay on the Job, Despite Mental Illness

This podcast (without transcript) examines the effect of depression in the American workplace.

History (Timeline) of Disease

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video explores discovery of the disease and the progress of detecting and treating Depression. 

What is Depression? You Asked Google; Here’s the Answer

This news article features a discussion from several vantage points of what exactly depression is, how it feels, and how it manifests in different people.


Manufacturing Depression

This podcast (without transcript) discusses the ways in which depression has been marketed as a widespread chronic disease by scientists, doctors, and marketing experts.

The Antidepressant Generation

This news article, told from the point of view of a psychiatrist, is an account of the pressures and treatment options surrounding depressed young adults and university students.