Breast Cancer Resources

Patient Experience

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video chronicles a musician’s firsthand experience with her diagnosis, treatment, and survival of breast cancer.

Experiencing Breast Cancer from a Distance

This podcast (without transcript) discusses the effect breast cancer has on the friends and families of the 3 African American women chronicled in the “Under Her Skin” series.

Faces of Breast Cancer

This slideshow showcases a global community of women and men whose lives have been touched by breast cancer sharing insights from their experiences.

Living With Cancer: Chronic, not Cured

This news article and accompanying comic strip takes a look at the struggle of living with cancer beyond initial diagnosis.

Under Her Skin: Living With Breast Cancer

This podcast series (without transcript) chronicles the tales of 3 African American women coping with the disease.

Vows: Ever After, Ever After

This video (without transcript) chronicles mothers with breast cancer who, realizing their own mortality, decide to take their daughters wedding dress shopping while they still can.

Biomedical Connections

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video features medical experts explaining breast cancer from a biological perspective: what it is, how it affects the body, and why it’s such a health threat.

Breast Cancer: Knocking Out a Killer

This news article examines the presence of BRCA genes in those with, or susceptible for developing, breast cancer.

Please Explain: Breast Cancer

This podcast (without transcript) provides an overview of how cancer forms in the body, suggesting there is a link between obesity and increased risk for breast cancer.

What Causes Breast Cancer? These Mothers and Daughters May Hold a Clue

This podcast (without transcript) explores the link between genetics and the environment in determining risk factors and likelihood of developing breast cancer.

Socioeconomic Perspective

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video reveals the impact of loss on a patient with breast cancer, the reasons for prevalence of the disease, and financial barriers to treatment.

The Cancer Divide: Jessy

This video (without transcript) chronicles a 30 year old woman with advanced breast cancer as she contends with her own poverty and with Uganda’s limited resources in her fight to stay alive.

The Cancer Divide: Mary

This video (without transcript) shows the story of a woman who, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, must undergo lifestyle and professional changes to adapt to her new life.

The Cancer Divide: Tzippy

This video (without transcript) chronicles a woman with breast cancer as she describes her experience losing her mother to the disease and finding out that she has it herself.

History (Timeline) of Disease

Part of our Virtual Rounds series, this video explores discovery of the disease and the various treatment methods in the fight against cancer throughout time.


Part of the Virtual Rounds series, this video features a multidisciplinary care team working together in the treatment of breast cancer with focus on specialties, the reason they chose the medical field, and advice for students embarking upon their own journeys.

The Future of Early Cancer Detection?

This video features a TED talk with a lead researcher who, along with a team of scientists and technologists, has developed a simple, noninvasive, open-source test that looks for early signs of multiple forms of cancer with an iPhone.

A Test That Finds 3x More Breast Tumors, and Why It’s Not Available to You

This video features a TED talk with a doctor who, along with a team of physicists, developed a new tool for tumor detection that’s three times as effective as traditional mammograms for women with dense breast tissue.