BMED News & Updates


Summer Registration


Summer Registration is under way. Log on at then click on ASSIST > Student Services > Look up classes > Summer 2016 to check out the course catalog and register today.

Seeking Advisory Group Volunteers


We are looking for 10-15 students to provide feedback to program administration in a student advisory capacity. These students will share insights and feedback on several aspects of the program, including program communications, student organizations, TEx, community-building and related issues.

If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, please email

Fall Registration

Fall registration opened on Monday, April 18. If you need assistance or have questions, stop by during office hours or email:

BMED Office Hours
Monday: 11:30 AM-2:30 PM
Tuesday: 10:30 AM-1:30 PM
Thursday: 2:30-5:30 PM

If you were unable to attend your Registration Information Session, you will need to attend office hours next week, or email to schedule an appointment, in order to receive important information and instructions on the required list of courses for your pathway and how to register for them correctly.

Course Permission Issues


The following courses were mistakenly set up to require permission to register: PHIL 1330, PHYS 1401 and MATH 1342. This setting has since been updated and these courses should now be available to you. Should you continue to experience these issues, however, please wait patiently and try back in a few days.

BMED 3122


The vast majority of you will not be allowed to register for this class as you have not yet completed the course pre-requisite (BMED 3121). Do not worry, however; as we’ve mentioned previously, you are guaranteed space in each of the BMED-specific courses this fall. Once grades post for BMED 3121 at the end of this term, you should be able to add BMED 3122 to your fall schedule at that time.

BMED 4280


We are working to correct the pre-requisite settings for this course. No one is being allowed to register for this course with the current settings. Please await further instructions.

BMED Coached Study Hours


We are working to correct several course title issues in the system. In the meantime, please review the listing below, select a section that applies to you, and disregard the incorrect course title in the system:
Mission 5&7: CSHR1002_1BR (24681)
Mission 8&9: CHSR1003_1BR (24677) or CHSR1003_2BR (24678)

Over-Hour Petitions


The registrar has recently requested that all Over-Hour Petitions go through the BMED Department. So, despite the instructions that were shared with you recently instructing you to submit the petition to the department whose course you are trying to add, please submit all petitions to the BMED Department instead. You may email the form directly to Rosalinda along with a copy of your schedule for fall.  Please note that it could take up to 2 weeks to process your request.

College Algebra


If you do not yet have credit for College Algebra (MATH 1314), you need take this course right away. You will not be allowed to register for PHYS 1401 until you have passed MATH 1314. Additionally, next Spring, you may be slated to take Calculus (MATH 2413), which requires this course and MATH 1414. You need to allow yourself time to take both courses.

Please look into taking these courses this summer or testing out of them immediately. Should you have questions about how soon you’ll be required to have these basic prerequisites, contact the academic advising department.

Important Documents

3 Year (Accelerated) Pathway


Course Sequencing Roadmap
Planning Worksheet
Registrations Instructions

3 Year (Accelerated) Pathway TIME/Honors


Course Sequencing Roadmap
Planning Worksheet
Registrations Instructions

4 Year (Extended) Pathway


Course Sequencing Roadmap
Planning Worksheet
Registrations Instructions