Frequently Asked Questions for Students

For Students


What is a mission?

TEx is built around missions rather than courses. In a mission, students can learn the same valuable skills as they would in a course. The real difference is that missions are built for learning in the TEx platform and provide an engaging, interactive online learning experience.

How does a mission compare to traditional courses offered at UT?

To see what course credits a mission is equivalent to, go to your mission or program dashboard and tap [GRAD CAP ICON]. From there, tap the Equivalencies button to see information about equivalent credits.

What will I learn in each mission?

On each mission dashboard, you’ll find a section called My Competencies. During your mission, you will work on building every competency listed here. Each competency consists of specific objectives, which you can view by tapping on the circles on each competency slide. This area will also show you your progress toward achieving each objective and competency listed.

What’s the difference between a module, a unit, and activity?

Every mission is grouped into modules, which will appear on your left when you start a mission. Inside each module are units. These units will appear on the right when you start a mission and select a module. Each unit contains nongraded and graded activities–including readings, videos, and assignments.

What other apps will be needed to complete missions in TEx?

To complete your activities and missions in TEx, you are required to download and use Evernote and Flipboard.

Here are other apps we recommend:

How do I update my profile information or picture?

Tap on your name in the left hand corner and select Edit Profile. From there, you can tap on the circle where your picture appears to choose another picture from your photo library or take a picture using your iPad. You can also edit your headline, contact and social information, and your longterm goals in this area.

How do I reset my password?

From the login menu, tap “Need Help?” and then tap Reset your Password. From there, follow provided instructions.


Why can’t I access all of my activities yet?

TEx is designed so that you complete activities in a specific order. To access a locked activity, you will first need to complete all prerequisite activities.

Can I preview upcoming activities?

Absolutely! Tap Start on any unit to see the number and titles of all activities included in the unit. You’ll also be able to see how many points an assignment or quiz is worth, how many attempts you have to complete it, and your due date.

How do I add notes or make highlights?

On text: To highlight or take notes on a piece of text, tap and hold your finger on the text until the text appears to have a blue background. Then move the selectors on either side of the text left and right to make sure all of the text you want to highlight or add a note to is selected. Then, tap Highlight or Add Note. If you’re adding a note, type the note now. Then tap anywhere outside the note or minimize the keyboard.

On a video or link that opens in a new window: To take notes on anything that opens in a new window, you’ll need to add your notes to the title or the link. If something opens in a new window or video player, you won’t be able to add notes in the new window.

Where I can find my notes and highlighted sections?

Tap the [ICON HERE] in the right hand corner to view your notes. On the index tab, your notes and highlights will be organized by mission. On the recents tab, your most recent notes and highlights will appear. Tap on any highlight or note to revisit that area of the mission.

How do I use the scientific calculator?

From inside your mission, tap [Calculator Icon] to open the scientific calculator. The number pad is to the right and includes undo, redo, and delete buttons. When you use the calculator, numbers and answers will appear in the black bar above the calculator buttons.

You can also tap [icon] to open a log that will show each command entered into the calculator and its result. Or, tap [ICON] to open an interactive unit circle, which shows the sin and cos of the selected angle on the circle. Below the circle, you will also see a plot of the sin function that follows your interactions with the unit circle.

To minimize the calculator, tap [ICON].

How do I use the periodic table?

From inside your mission, tap [PERIODIC TABLE ICON] to open. Tap any element to view details about that element below. To see additional rows of the periodic table, tap * (next to BA) or ** (next to RA).

To minimize the table, tap [MINIMIZE TABLE ICON].

What happens if I miss an assignment due date?

If you miss a due date, your grade won’t be impacted, but you will receive a notification letting you know that you are off track. Meeting all of your due dates helps you to ensure that you complete your mission on time.

How do I know what’s required in an assignment?

All assignments will start with instructions. Outside of quizzes and assessments, all assignments also include a rubric that you can view prior to completing the assignment. This rubric explains in detail how your assignment will be graded.

How do I resubmit or make changes to an assignment?

To resubmit an assignment, first, return to the assignment page in your mission or through the gradebook (which you can find on your mission or program dashboard). This page will tell you how many remaining attempts you have to complete the assignment. If there are still attempts available, continue as you had the first time you submitted the assignment.


How can I see my grades and instructor feedback?

Option 1: You can view your grade for an assignment by going to the same page where you began your assignment. There, you will see how many points you have earned and how many attempts you have completed. You can also tap the View Feedback button to view feedback in the Gradebook.

Option 2: From your mission or program dashboard, tap [Grad Cap Icon], then tap Gradebook. From there, you can see how many points you’ve earned in each module and unit as well as look at your grades for specific activities.

What does it mean to be off track?

If you receive a notification that you are off track, this means you have not completed the number of activities recommended that you complete by today’s date. If you fall behind and do not catch up, you will not be able to complete your mission on time. The notification and your mission progress bar will specify how many activities you need to complete to get back on track.

What do I do if I’m notified that I’m off track in a mission?

If you’d like to request assistance, you can contact your coach, instructional facilitator, or the Help Desk. If you prefer, you can start or continue your mission and complete the activities required to get back on track.


How do I request technical support with using TEx or the iPad?

First, look through our FAQs and Support Guides to see if you can find the answer to your question. If not, there are two ways to request technical support.

If you’re logged in to TEx, tap the (?) icon in the right hand corner. In the Help Desk section, tap Email. Then add your subject line, type up a descriptive message of your problem, and hit send.

From the login screen, tap Need Help?. Then, tap Need Technical Support? From there, tap Email, and type and send your email to the help desk.

How do I request academic help in TEx?

If you need academic help or advice on an assignment, there are several ways to contact your instructional facilitator.

  • From inside the mission, tap the (?) icon in the right hand corner to email or message your instructional facilitator.
  • From your dashboard, in the Network area, find and tap on the name of your instructional facilitator to message him or her.
  • From any dashboard or inside your mission, tap the [ ICON HERE ] to go the discussions area and send a direct message to your instructional facilitator.

What will my coach help me with?

Your coach can help you with managing the challenges of college life, such as financial aid, scheduling issues, or similar topics. Use the (?) icon to contact your coach anytime!


What’s the difference between students in my cohort and students in my program?

A student is considered to be in your cohort if you are currently or have previously taken any class or mission with them. If you have not yet taken a class or mission together, then this person will be marked as in your program, but not your cohort.

How do I message another person in TEx?

If the person you want to message is a connection, tap on their name or picture in your Network area. Then, tap the Message button. You’ll go the discussions area where you can then send them a direct message.

Alternatively, you can go straight to the discussion areas by tapping [ICON] and then select the name of your connection from the list of people that appears.

Why can’t I send this person a message?

You probably aren’t connected to them. To message someone, you must be connected to them first.

How do I connect with someone?

Using the Network area of your dashboard, find the name of the person you wish to connect to. Beside their name (or in their contact card), you may see:

  • A [CONNECT] button. Tap this button to request to connect.
  • “Request Sent”. This means you’ve requested to connect, but the person has not yet responded.
  • [ACCEPT] and [DECLINE] buttons. This means the person has already requested to connect with you and you may tap to accept the request.

How do I start a new group chat?

Start by tapping [DISCUSSION ICON]. Once in the discussions area, tap the (+) sign to the right of Groups. Scroll through the members of your network, tapping the circle to the right of anyone you would like to chat with, so that a check mark appears inside the circle. Now, tap Invite, name your group chat, add a description if desired, and hit Create. Your group will now appear in the Groups menu, so you can select your group and send your first message!