To develop curriculum that is focused on meeting the human capital needs of Texas, industry partnerships are a critical part of the UTx mission. We rely on our industry partners as trusted advisors. They educate us on the employment gaps they face as well as the future workforce skills in their specific domain. UTx is seeking partnerships with a variety of industry leaders in fields that align with our programming portfolio. UTx welcomes interest from industries in Texas and beyond.



Foundation expertise and strategic investments can make a crucial difference in our efforts to expand educational opportunities within Texas, nationwide and globally. Higher education is at an inflection point. We have a unique opportunity to create student experiences that are more personalized, outcomes-driven, interactive and engaging than ever before. We have the technologies and the will necessary to reach out to new audiences:

  • Pre-college students, to better prepare them for college
  • The 30 million who attended college but never received a degree
  • Adults seeking to upgrade their skills or retool for a new career


High Schools

As part of our UTxProspect initiative we will be partnering with high schools to to offer curriculum that provides younger students with early exposure to UT quality courses and degree pathways. These high school students could earn dual credit for their elevated effort. Starting in high school, this pathway will create a trajectory into highly competitive fields such as healthcare and cyber security. Students will have the opportunity to complete a degree in that field, potentially at an accelerated pace, and have the skills to be hired in that industry.

Get Involved

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