The Total Educational Experience

Created to deliver unbundled, stackable professional and academic offerings and credentials in a single system, TEx guides students on personalized journeys across a lifetime of educational programming and experiences.


Personalized and Responsive

TEx captures millions of points of data, providing a granular view of a learner’s progress. Using sophisticated analytics, TEx offers the learner and instructors meaningful insight in real time to better support each learner — personalizing their learning, targeting interventions, and continuously improving the educational experience.


Students at the Center 

Further putting the student at the center of the experience, TEx allows the learner’s academic record to transfer from a traditional transcript into a blockchain-powered ChainScript™ that can be kept by the individual learner. This ChainScript™ contains a validated and immutable record of the learner’s academic and professional accomplishments across multiple institutions and experiences, building a portfolio of accomplishments that includes credits, competencies, micro-certificates, degrees, and other records of achievement. 

UTx and Salesforce partner to build revolutionary learning platform

Through the collaboration with Salesforce and Salesforce.org, UTx’s team, which includes instructional designers and technology experts, will develop software and digital tools that support students on their academic and professional journeys and increase student success, one of UT System’s nine Quantum Leaps.

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Version 1.0 of the TEx app was launched in August 2015. Development of TEx 2.0 begins immediately and will support programming initiatives in 2017 – with availability for broader use by Fall 2018. 


“Starting with a data-first and mobile-first strategy, we built a platform whereby all the data is associated and wrapped around the student.”


– Phil Komarny, Chief Digital Officer UTx