Engineer Your World Student View

Student Resources: News Articles

A Space Pioneer, 79, is Ready to Track Juno Mission to Jupiter

This New York Times news article tells the story of one woman’s experience utilitizing sound to decode messages from the Juno mission recently landed in Jupiter back to Earth.

Andrew Heafitz: Turning Playing with Model Rockets into a Real Job

This Scientific American article discusses the usage of balsa wood as a lightweight material from which a scientist built a rocket-powered camera in 1987, and how that project launched his career.

Can the Nervous System Be Hacked?

This New York Times article discusses a scientist and neurosurgeon’s hypothesis and conclusion that stimulating the brain’s vagus nerve with electricity would successfully alleviate harmful inflammation.

Google Granted Patent for Smart Contact Lens

This TIME news article discusses Google’s recent invention of a contact lens with a built in sensor that detects glucose levels in patients with diabetes.

Student Resources: Videos

Juno’s 3D Printed Parts Survive Trip to Jupiter

This video and accompanying news article discuss the 3D printed components of the Juno spacecraft and its successful destination into Jupiter’s orbit.


This live public feed features 24/7 coverage and schedule of NASA’s public broadcasting coverage of the International Space Station and other programming relevant to current missions, explorations and endeavors.

The Color of Palo Alto

Artist Samuel Yates’ project which predates Google Earth contains video footage, data, and infographics exposing the threads between art and civil engineering with the successful goal of photograping each longitudinal and latitudinal parcel of the city of Palo Alto into a specific single-color geolocation database which now serves emergency responders in the community.

Student Resources: Audio

Rise of the Rocket Girls

This audiobook discusses the group of women who pioneered space exploration and ultimately led to US Congress passing a bill to found the NASA organization.

The Trust Engineers

This RadioLab podcast features a discussion with Facebook’s social engineer in conversation about the utilization of engineering and data to turn social networks into platforms for further understanding the human experience.

Student Resources: Interactive Maps, Projects

STEM to STEAM Interactive Map

This interactive map connects high school seniors to college engineering majors and professional engineers all over the world bridging arts and STEM with resources on research, policy, education, and industry.

The Synapse Project

This project and its accompanying website and resources was founded by a 16 year old girl in order to expose more young women to the STEM field, with particular emphasis on the intersection between tech and neurobiology.

Student Resources: Apps and Games

Kerbel Space Program

This grades 9-12 video game features three different modes with varying levels of complexity in building your own space program: Sandbox, Science Mode, and Career Role-Playing.


This free app is a tool for drawing in 2D and 3D which can be used to mockup 3D balsa wood project as well as map out a 3D printing project on Makerbots.


This multi-platform video game encourages students to test out their design thinking by taking on the role of a Reactor Engineer working for a company specializing in chemical synthesis for frontier colonies. Each player’s goal is to construct elaborate factories which transform raw materials into valuable chemical products.

Student Resources: For Further Research

Science Friday

Sonic Fabric