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Instructor Resources

Code 2040

This nonprofit organization connects minority students with engineering talents with pathways to educational, professional, and entrepreneurial success.

Engineering Magazine

This website contains news, educational resources, interactive games, media, information on careers, and webinars all centered around current and future trends in the field of engineering.

Four Pillars of College Success in Science

This TEd Talk video (duration 15:10) disposes information from UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski on what sort of environment provides an underserved student population with the tools to succeed in the fields of STEM.

NASA Projects and Lesson Plans for K-16 Learning, tied to Common Core and other Standards

This website provides transmedia content and project ideas for instructors planning lessons around engineering for the K-16 student population.

Sketchup School

Sketchup is a free 2d and 3d software rendering tool which maps out projects on an x/y axis and preps these files for MakerBot 3D printing. This site provides information on how to help students learn and employ Sketchup to take their 3D models, convert them to digital files, and send them off to be 3D printed.

Why Tech Degrees are not Putting More Blacks and Hispanics into Tech Jobs

This New York Times news article and accompanying infographic explore the socioeconomic factors at play in the disparity between student minority-majority population degree holders from education through to career placement in the engineering field.