Our Mission

The Institute for Transformational Learning (UTx) works closely with the University of Texas System’s 14 academic and health science campuses to define the infrastructure required to support the future of education and prototype new programming models that will bring higher numbers of Texas students to academic and professional success.



How UTx Came to Be

The Institute for Transformational Learning was established and endowed by the Board of Regents in 2012. To accomplish the bold mandate it was given, ITL created UTx to:

  • Make a quality University of Texas education more accessible and affordable.

  • Improve student learning outcomes and dramatically increase the number of Texans with a college degree and other advanced educational credentials.

  • Respond to the human capital needs of the State of Texas.


TEx is a stack of technologies and learner services designed to engine, support, and scale new educational models in the classroom, in the field, and online.

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Programming Portfolio

UTx develops and tests industry focused, affordable, and accelerated learning experiences that can be accessed by highly mobile and employed learners.

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Leadership Team

Edward Anderson

Chief Platform Architect and CTO

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Edward Anderson

Chief Platform Architect and CTO

Proven innovator in multiple industries, architectures and organizations. These include cloud based messaging architectures in the PCI space, global content delivery solutions in the music industry and life dependent systems in the energy sector.
Expertise in Leadership, API Design and Implementation, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Microservices Architecture, Messaging Architecture, iOS Design, Platform Strategy and Blockchain Technology.

Ash Chitre

Executive Director, Finance and Operations

Shannon Chapman

Executive Director, Student Lifecycle Management

Joann Kozyrev

Executive Director, Design and Development

Amy Shackelford

Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships and Communication

Roland Schwarm

Chief Data Scientist

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Phone: 512-852-3272